Mystic Gin

Art Direction + Trademark Design + Branding

Mystic Gin is a rebrand of the world’s first non-alcoholic gin, Herbie Virgin. 


Art Direction, Research, Identity Exploration, Advertising, Website

Megan Hicks
 Trademark Design, Brand Identity + Vision, Photography, Pitch Deck Layout, Invitations, Splash Page, Tickets, Bottle Packaging

Rudy Flores
Trademark Design, Brand Identity + Vision, Instagram Feed, Brand Elements

Lynz Candace
Recipe Cards, Photoshoot Materials, Competitive Analysis 

Jacquie Tiznado
Website Edits, Tickets

Brand Overview

Herbie Virgin is the world’s first non-alcoholic gin — made with the same production methods and equipment as the original Herbie Gin expression. Herbie’s original gin product is one of the best-selling gins in the Danish market.

Buyers can trust that Herbie Virgin delivers the same, classic taste of gin they know and love. With pleasant scents of lavender and green apple and a kick of spicy notes of cardamom, orange peel, and juniper, there’s no doubt Herbie Virgin will enchant.

Brand Assesment

  • Herbie Gin needs an elevated re-brand in order to entice their audience to give this zero-proof gin a shot.

  • The current name sounds amateur and wouldn’t sell well in the U.S. market.

  • With the rise in popularity of non-alcoholic options, Herbie Gin needs a strong brand voice to stand out against its competitors.

  • The current branding does not emphasize the product is the world’s first non-alcoholic gin on the market.

  • Engaging social media and web is needed as well as a compelling visual identity.

Overall, Herbie Gin needs an elevated re-brand in order to keep up with the high demand market and entice the audience to give this zero-proof gin a shot.

Mystic Gin Trademark

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